What is APK File? What Do APK Files Do; How to Install?

What exactly is the APK file used in the application installation, which Android device users often hear? What do APK files do? We explained…
If you’re using an Android device, it’s almost impossible not to have heard of the term APK. But have you ever thought about what exactly an APK is? If you are wondering what APK means, what APK files are for and why they are so important for the Android operating system, you will find all the answers you are looking for right below…

What is APK?

APK, short for Android Package Kit, is a file format used to distribute and install Android applications. An APK file, on the other hand, can be considered a package that contains all the necessary items to install on your device. Like EXE files, which are the installation files of Windows, you can copy any APK file to your Android device and install it yourself. Manually installing apps this way is called “sideloading“.

How to Install APK Files?

When you download and install any app from Google Play, the APK file is automatically downloaded and installed. But this way you can’t have the APK file. It is possible to get APK files from Play Store in some ways, but you can also get them from alternative app download sites. But remember, there is no guarantee that the APK files you download from these sites are safe.

Google doesn’t really want you to install APKs manually. There are already precautions for Sideloading in Android’s default settings and you need to give permission for installation.

You may not find all apps on Google Play though, and Sideloading lets you install apps that aren’t on Google Play. But you have to be very careful while downloading APK files. It’s not a good idea to download APK files from random sources like on desktop. In particular, the site that offers you a paid application for free may have added a pest to the application.

In short, APK files are files used to distribute and install apps on Android; In short, Android’s application installation files. Although for expert Android users, downloading and installing APK files separately, that is, resorting to sideloading, offers great power, as we said above, it is useful to be careful where you download them.

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